How she felt without him!

Ever since she lost the most important man in her life, she was lonely and remembered each of his difficult times he went through for her…
She seldom realised her father’s efforts which he had put into making her enjoy every moment in the childhood in his wife’s absence forever..
She had started to realise the value of the most important person when he was lost. She realised her father’s affectionate behaviour which, back then, she considered to be a part of every parent’s irritating and uncertain behaviour…
She cried softly lying in the bed, imagining the support she would get from the only man who truly loved her, her shoulder for crying had disappeared into grey ash by the river…
This was a consequence of judging a person and hating him for being a possesive man….
She wouldn’t have done this to her very own lover, considering it as true love, whereas she was treated like ‘nothing’ by the boy 6 year older to her….
She now realised that she was her father’s queen and her cynical lover’s innocent girl….
These unpredictable instances reminded her of her hardworking father, his perseverant attitude at any point in life….
She chose to follow her dreams, and make her father proud even when he wasn’t there, but her mind and soul considered him to be very much near her, guiding and loving her…

-Aditi Bhosle-

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