To my dearest(s),
I didn’t know what to do or say! I was obscured by the fact that I belonged to someone else and have spent 18 years of my life happily with someone else!
The catch here is that, they didn’t make me feel like someone who they’ve just adopted and have to support financially for my better future till the time I start earning.
I was, idk! but ecstatic, confused and in a state of tenebrosity thinking as to why I wasn’t with those who I had belonged to right from the time l battled with the bright light to completely open my eyes in my little cradle!
Idk, i didn’t shed a tear at the time I got to know about me being an adopted child, but years later when these words rang and echoed in my mind, at the time I was 15, it literally broke me down!
I still don’t know why!
Maybe because there wasn’t anytime I felt like an adopted child (after the time I came to know that I was adopted).
This letter is for you’ll, who have given me all that I need and also brought to the brim of believing that I can be by myself, and love someone I really feel for the way you’ll did!

All the love,
from your’s

(aditi bhosle)

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