Nature is therapeutic! Period.

Stretch and let the waves test your balance!
(Dancing in the) nature is therapeutic!
Tall and strong.
Meditate-able place.

Dancing and meditating in the lap of mother nature is a personal newfound therapy. At some point, all I’ve been able to discover is that the feet which bang against the floor and jump and sore heights need the racing waves of the sea water to run over them and remind me their worth. The eyes that tell stories need the soft sunlight peeping through the leaves of tall trees. The arms constantly at work need to splash water in the air and feel the strength regaining slowly and persistently. The soul which knows that I am tired, is now constantly helping me find beauty in the simplest of creepers hugging the trees and the smallest of streams creating music with the silence and inner chaos. All that is within has been washed and gone with the breezes and the waves and all feels green.

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