A longing like this…

13 November 2020
A longing like this…
Through the window, I saw you (supposedly) smiling as ‘Favorite T-shirt by Jake Scott’ played in the background, transferring my heart to a whole new world of mushy thoughts. And just then, blinking, I got myself back to what I thought I was – HARDHEADED or probably a lassie who thought that love was too soon for her. As I kept thinking, the intricacies in my head detangled themselves and explained to me the difference between love and attraction, and that’s how I understood, that your smile had attracted me for it was pure.
Me, a practitioner of overthinking, with years of experience knew that it was just a matter of few moments, and later I’d forget about the same, but no….
Weeks later, I woke up from a dream, realising how precisely I saw you again, by my side with my body covered with a plush white blanket, with your hands around me and my heart which usually becomes anxious was now at peace. On shrugging a bit, you loosened the clasp to look at me and smile, ensuring me that I was in safe hands and that this wouldn’t change.
Now that I recollected this, it’s going straight to the 57th page of my journal, with all things beautiful and beatific.
Thank you for the few imaginary moments of comfortable hugs and serene smiles.

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