The Teenager and The Lady with a Vision within Me.

The Teenager and The Lady with a Vision within Me.
Introspection can open the very few unexplored dimensions of oneself, with each passing day we get to know who we truly are under the 3-4 layers of various impressions we’ve coated our self with for the contrasting personalities that surround us.
Introspection has led me into believing that there is a bubbly teenager within me and also a lady with a vision who aims for the best only.
It is that lady who guides me throughout and helps me project my mannerisms according to the situation and people present around.
Things need to be neutral, because one cannot lose the best years of their life in just planning what they have to do ahead or glue there eyes to every turning page of the book.
Finding it a bit intricate to explain, but here’s it, juveniles crave attention from everyone at some point and have a different definition of being cool, overtime their perspectives change, either making them more adamant over the habits which are supposed to be eradicated or accepting the truth and moving on, making themselves stronger and bringing them a step closer to help themselves know as to what is really necessary.
~aditi bhosle

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