The Teenager and The Lady with a Vision within Me.

The Teenager and The Lady with a Vision within Me.
Introspection can open the very few unexplored dimensions of oneself, with each passing day we get to know who we truly are under the 3-4 layers of various impressions we’ve coated our self with for the contrasting personalities that surround us.
Introspection has led me into believing that there is a bubbly teenager within me and also a lady with a vision who aims for the best only.
It is that lady who guides me throughout and helps me project my mannerisms according to the situation and people present around.
Things need to be neutral, because one cannot lose the best years of their life in just planning what they have to do ahead or glue there eyes to every turning page of the book.
Finding it a bit intricate to explain, but here’s it, juveniles crave attention from everyone at some point and have a different definition of being cool, overtime their perspectives change, either making them more adamant over the habits which are supposed to be eradicated or accepting the truth and moving on, making themselves stronger and bringing them a step closer to help themselves know as to what is really necessary.
~aditi bhosle

……with memories being a problem………

That’s how I’ll be living now, with memories being a problem.
The real problem is that, those memories hit harder than anguish,
for those were the purest and deceased the anxiety within.
For me it was what I thought,
Raindrops on the head,
With feet in a pool full of regrets and imprecise notions.
Hair oiled with pity and hands trying to let go the grip over the weakened knees.
As I sat there the pool seemed to be a teal coloured ocean,
Exactly the way I considered small things to be a signal of perpetuity.
Finding happiness in little things seemed to be a lot more different than the delusion of glorifying other little things.
Never thought that memories could takeaway a lot from me, but they did, cause I let them.
Hindering on the soft wet sand I affirmed, with the inner voice loud and clear.
“Too much has been taken,
Too much is yet to be gone,
Too much is yet to be received,
Let this seep in, with fluidity and peace,
For you are all by yourself with expectations modest or none.

Nature is therapeutic! Period.

Stretch and let the waves test your balance!
(Dancing in the) nature is therapeutic!
Tall and strong.
Meditate-able place.

Dancing and meditating in the lap of mother nature is a personal newfound therapy. At some point, all I’ve been able to discover is that the feet which bang against the floor and jump and sore heights need the racing waves of the sea water to run over them and remind me their worth. The eyes that tell stories need the soft sunlight peeping through the leaves of tall trees. The arms constantly at work need to splash water in the air and feel the strength regaining slowly and persistently. The soul which knows that I am tired, is now constantly helping me find beauty in the simplest of creepers hugging the trees and the smallest of streams creating music with the silence and inner chaos. All that is within has been washed and gone with the breezes and the waves and all feels green.


To my dearest(s),
I didn’t know what to do or say! I was obscured by the fact that I belonged to someone else and have spent 18 years of my life happily with someone else!
The catch here is that, they didn’t make me feel like someone who they’ve just adopted and have to support financially for my better future till the time I start earning.
I was, idk! but ecstatic, confused and in a state of tenebrosity thinking as to why I wasn’t with those who I had belonged to right from the time l battled with the bright light to completely open my eyes in my little cradle!
Idk, i didn’t shed a tear at the time I got to know about me being an adopted child, but years later when these words rang and echoed in my mind, at the time I was 15, it literally broke me down!
I still don’t know why!
Maybe because there wasn’t anytime I felt like an adopted child (after the time I came to know that I was adopted).
This letter is for you’ll, who have given me all that I need and also brought to the brim of believing that I can be by myself, and love someone I really feel for the way you’ll did!

All the love,
from your’s

(aditi bhosle)

How she felt without him!

Ever since she lost the most important man in her life, she was lonely and remembered each of his difficult times he went through for her…
She seldom realised her father’s efforts which he had put into making her enjoy every moment in the childhood in his wife’s absence forever..
She had started to realise the value of the most important person when he was lost. She realised her father’s affectionate behaviour which, back then, she considered to be a part of every parent’s irritating and uncertain behaviour…
She cried softly lying in the bed, imagining the support she would get from the only man who truly loved her, her shoulder for crying had disappeared into grey ash by the river…
This was a consequence of judging a person and hating him for being a possesive man….
She wouldn’t have done this to her very own lover, considering it as true love, whereas she was treated like ‘nothing’ by the boy 6 year older to her….
She now realised that she was her father’s queen and her cynical lover’s innocent girl….
These unpredictable instances reminded her of her hardworking father, his perseverant attitude at any point in life….
She chose to follow her dreams, and make her father proud even when he wasn’t there, but her mind and soul considered him to be very much near her, guiding and loving her…

-Aditi Bhosle-

This too shall pass!!

The phase will pass away, leaving the good and bad imprints on the person and the personality. The goodness will be reflective in the actions and decisions, and the disgrace in giving up! So make sure that disgrace is never highlighted or emphasized upon!

At times one wants to do something good without doing anything and that results into the loss of creativity and development. Do all that it takes to get what you want and you’ll have what you wanted along with the experiences and lessons which will walk with you and climb every step with you to amplify your journey with memories good and bad and spirits always lofty post the storm.

~aditi ab.

Poetry is beautiful

I lay there watching the moon sink upwards into the clouds and that very much sums up my thought process on bleak days.

The beauty that resided before the rinderpest has now been taken over by merely explicit thoughts.
I do not know how to deal with those, so all I do is jot each and every word that comes to my mind, rearrange those and get the answer as to what is happening in my mind.

And that’s why poetry is beautiful.
When no one knows what a silent mind fosters, it’s the poetry which brings out the prudence and iffy in me.
~aditi ab.


My delusion is that the clouds transmogrified him!

With a pen he wrote each time,
On the wrist, dragging it all the way to the palm and encircling the fingers to form rings.
Then slowly the hands as cold as the fear in me were clasped and caressed gently,
As if putting of a fire you lit on purpose with just a few droplets of the wine from the glass.
Then slowly the hands advanced towards the shoulders, shivering in the muddled icy environment on the sofa near the furnace.
The clasp went so tight that my shoulders stood still and I lost all the strength to sense what was happening, then all I heard was, “do you still love me?”
I stood there until he looked at me from the entrance door, with a bouquet of yellow roses, bound the way I’d love to see them, and an arousing scent of vanilla aphrodisiac filling the little cosy room!
How? How? How could it be? He had lost way before into the smog and cloud and seemed like the one at the door came from there, bestowing all the grot in him to the clouds making them heavier to pour down and demolition the crud!

~Aditi Bhosle